reading through textbooks is a drag, but I remember the content better if I try to hear it in the voice of a favorite character

why thank you megatron for telling me all about storage polysaccharides

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SleepyHugs Commission Masterpost


(For more recent work please check the Sleepyart tag. or the Frightsart tag))

My tablet pen is crushed and I need to replace it.

The goal is $40




$3 (single)
$4 ( Couple)
$1 More for additional icons.


$15 (1 character with background or transparent.)
$17 (2 Characters with background or transparent.)
$2 more for additional characters
(Please provide a color pallet for me to work with


Digital Pretty Thing:
$20 (Single)
$23 (Couple)
$3 for additional characters

Other notes:
I will do NSFW and the prices for those will be negotiable
I will no do anything NSFW and involving minors.
I can do Custom Creature Creation, and they will be the same price as the Pay what you can commissions.
My paypal is Maogapspypo@hotmail.

Please get a hold of me either through my E-mail ( ) or here on tumblr via my ask box.

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in case some of my newer followers aren’t aware, I also have a transformers blog where I reblog stuff/post my own art! 

I wouldn’t reblog this so soon but in the past 10 days I’ve suddenly gained a terrifying amount of followers soooo figure might as well

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voodoomajic asked: Do you do commissions? I just love your style, by the way.

I do! though at the moment only black and white bust commissions.
the post is here with contact info and all that

and just because the example pics in that post aren’t actually all that great, here’s some tiny versions of some commissions I did for people:

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xephros asked: do you still have your dice collection?

yes! here it is

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I thought I was pretty clever eating a bunch of food during a sad scene in a movie so my sobs would be stifled but I got a lump in my throat and now I have about four macaroons in my mouth that I can’t swallow

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liathesheepfaun asked: I love your hair :) it's so cute and curly

thank you, I love it too! c:

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my hair is long enough to dry in big ol’ curls again and it’s very awesome

my hair is long enough to dry in big ol’ curls again and it’s very awesome

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I really need to power through rvb I’m only like halfway through season 3 and everyone’s telling me it gets good around 4/5/6 so I’m like yeah almost there but. really hard to keep my attention on it ughhhh gotta make it

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